Trik za telo bez šlaufa i savršenu guzu!!!


saloSKANDAL – Poznato je da svako izgleda drugačije u određenim pozama i uz različito svetlo, a važno je i da li su vam mišići opušteni, napeti ili napuhani.

Popularna fitness Instagramerica je na svom profilu da je savršeno telo samo iluzija koju svatko može svladati.

Lepa Sara Puhto objavljuje fotografije koje su snimljene s razmakom od samo nekoliko sekundi. Na njima se vidi razlika koja je nastala zbog poziranja i osvjetljenja, te je pokazala kako svako može izgledati bolje.


Uvlačenje stomaka, napinjanje mišića,  te izbacivanje jedne strane samo su neki od trikova s kojima možete bolje izgledati na fotografijama.

 – Mrzim šlaufe oko stomaka i mislila da će nestati ako budem redovno vežbala i imala manje masnoća na stomaku. Nedavno sam svatila da nikad neće nestati i pomirila sam se s tim, zaključuje Sara.


These photos were taken a few seconds apart!! Do you ever have one of those days where you just get down on yourself and compare your body to others? I'm pretty sure everyone has bad body image days. I woke up this morning, looked at myself and thought I looked a bit fluffy today, usually I'd go about my day and end up posting the photo on the left and say how I'm feeling fluffy and bloated today, when the truth is the right photo shows my true fluffiness (no flexing and full tummy relaxed). So I thought I'd do a brutally honest post and show you my true fluff 🐇 What I'm trying to say is bodies fluctuate daily, even hourly. Don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day, week or month. Everyone has bad days. Everyone has some % of body fat. And everyone's body looks different from different angles/poses whether they're flexed, relaxed or bloated. People will post their highlights and their hard work on Instagram so don't compare yourself to them! You're beautiful no matter what 💕 This is honestly really terrifying for me to post, so please don't be too harsh. I just hope this helps some of you if you're having a bad day.

Fotografiju objavljuje Sara Puhto (@saggysara)

Standing up vs sitting down 😬🌿 I've used to hate having fat rolls and always thought they'd go away completely if I exercised and got less fat on my tummy. But recently I've realised they're not a thing that's gonna go away, and I'm so fine with that! Yes I could eat healthy 24/7 and workout in a way that would get rid of it. But what's the point? I love the way I eat and train now, so what's the point of changing what makes me happy to get rid of some extra fat? It's just rolls of skin with fat and I NEED that little layer! It would be unrealistic if I had 0% body fat on my body! So I just wanted to share what my body looks like when I sit down to show that I also got these rolls, muffin top (whatever you wanna call it 😁) and I'm not afraid to hide them 🙌🏼 Hope you all have a lovely day today, and happy #friyay 🌴☀️

Fotografiju objavljuje Sara Puhto (@saggysara)

Happy 2 year anniversary 🎉🌿 Left: July 2015 (BBG week 0) –> Right: November 2016 (BBG week 64 and vegan) Thank you for the best 2 years of my life, thank you for always believing in me and just being the best person ever. Guys if it wasn't for this amazing human I probably wouldn't have stuck to BBG, he did the first month of it with me, got me into working out and pep talks me into my workouts when I don't feel like doing them 😂 He also went vegan a few months after me in March and has stuck to it ever since! I just wanted to show you guys the person who motivates and inspires me daily to be a better person, my better half @abe_love 😁 I love you 💕 Sorry for the cheesiness, it had to be done 🙈 But I just wanted to explain the health/fitness behind the photos, on the left we were both eating unhealthy and hadn't worked out properly for a few months. And on the right I've been vegan for 10 months and have been working out (BBG and weightlifting) for a year and 4 months! And my boyfriend has been vegan for 7 months with some working out 🌿 Just wanted to share our progress 🙈 hope you all have an absolutely amazing day! 🌴☀️ ALSO HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY EVERYONE🌴🌿

Fotografiju objavljuje Sara Puhto (@saggysara)

Flex vs no flex ft bloating 😬 Kinda terrified to post this but 🙃 So I've been looking through Instagram for the past few hours, admiring all these beautiful humans and started feeling kinda shitty cause I'm bloated af today ✌🏼️ Then I realised that all those photos I was obsessing over were taken flexed showing these peoples hard work that they've put into working out and eating good and stuff. Ive realised this before but I still think to myself "I bet they don't get this bloated" or " they probably still have abs when they're not flexing or when they're bloated" and it makes me feel kinda shitty about myself tbh so I thought I'd share this to show you guys how flexing can change how you look in pictures and that I reaaaallly don't look like the flexed photos all the time, I just look like that when I'm flexing! Also don't compare your body to someone else's because you won't look 100% like someone else because we're all different. You're unique and beautiful! But yeah… I hope this helps someone if you're having a similar day to me 🙈 Please ignore my faces, I was trying to concentrate on what I was doing and all of a sudden felt super awkward and decided to go all Miley Cyrus in one of them 😝 . . . #realtalk #bloated #noflex #flex #comparison #bbg #bbg2 #bbggirls #bbgsisters #bbgcommunity #bbgvegan #bbgfinland #vegan #vegansofig #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #fitnessmotivation #veganfitness #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #realshit #truthbetold

Fotografiju objavljuje Sara Puhto (@saggysara)